Hi & Welcome to my site tipforgettingpregnant.com .

I wanted to created a place for women to come and get more information on getting pregnant naturally and easily. I know when I decided that I wanted to be pregnant it just couldn’t happen fast enough for me. I’m sure many of us feel that way, and sadly it can create anxiety – or another way to put it, stress – which can sometimes slow down the process.

I’ve now got two beautiful grown up girls, Chloe and Simmone. Both were big, beautiful, full-term babies. But I’ve also had to endure a miscarriage at 10 weeks and an ectopic pregnancy at 9 weeks, so it’s not always as straightforward as it may seem. The emotional trauma when these events happen can be devistating and I’m sure most women never completely heal.

That’s why this site is here. To help women learn to get pregnant naturally, even if it’s just not happening, and to go on and have happy, healthy babies.

I hope you love this site and get a lot from it.

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… to you & your beautiful family,

warmly – Julie Villani

Me and my babies

left to right, Chloe, Me, Simmone

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